Do Roughs and Smooths have the same temperament?
Yes, they are interbred and can be born in the same litter. Noticeable differences usually stem from individual personality rather than coat length.


What health testing is done on parents?
Our dogs have had eye checks, genetic tests, and OFA radiographs. Every dog’s results are on their individual pages.

Is any testing done on puppies?
Every puppy will have an eye check by a board certified ophthalmologist. We can talk through possible health genotypes of your puppy and overall breed health at or before pick up if it interests you.

Puppy Raising

Where are the puppies born and raised?
Puppies are whelped in a chosen person’s bedroom and raised in the house. They change areas as they need more space so are used to several home environments.

What are puppies exposed to?
Our puppies walk on countless different surfaces and are exposed to many sounds and smells indoors and outdoors. They meet many different people and encounter: older dogs, cats, ducks, and a very friendly sheep to learn appropriate animal interactions before they leave here.

Are the puppies potty-trained?
Our puppies are first paper trained starting at 2 weeks and then easily transition to going outside by pick-up time. However, you will have to make sure that they understand where and when it is appropriate to go in their new home.

Are the puppies crate-trained?
Our puppies are first exposed to crates at a young age and are usually well-acclimated to them by 8 weeks. We recommend new homes utilize this skill to help your new addition settle in and assist in potty-training.

Puppy Selection

Can I choose my own puppy?
We do not sell on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. We match based on the puppy’s needs and yours with everyone’s best interest in mind.

What if I have a sex/coat/color preference?
We will accommodate preferences but our first priority is matching temperaments to appropriate homes.
You may have to wait a little longer if you are set on a specific physical trait.

Picking Up

Do you sell puppies out-of-state?
We have sold dogs and puppies all over the U.S. and will not deny a good home because of distance.

Will you ship a puppy?
We do not typically ship via plane, but can make arrangements to drive the puppy personally or with trusted friends if there are no possible alternatives. We always prefer a family pick up their puppy from here to meet the relatives and see where the puppy was raised while finalizing the decision.

What comes home with the puppy?
We supply: a contract, eye-check, pedigree, baggie of current food, some handouts, and a record of shots, deworming, and other preventatives. Additionally, you have the ability to contact us at anytime with questions, concerns, or just cute stories about your new pet.


Will the puppy be registered?
All puppies born here will be registered under AKC, limited for pets and full for prospects, and that registration certificate will be mailed to you by the AKC.

What is limited registration?
Limited registration is a way to register your pet and keep it eligible for AKC events as a pet but no puppies produced from that dog will be registerable.

What can I do with my puppy under limited registration?
You can do any and all AKC sports and competitions with your dog except conformation.

Can I get a puppy with full registration?
Full registration is only offered for show/breeding prospects. We do sell prospects but it is only offered to breeders and mentees fully committed to health, temperament, titling, and upholding of the breed standard.

What if my limited puppy matures into a breeding-worthy dog?
If this occurs we can discuss the possibility of changing to full registration if it is agreed upon that the dog is turning out. This would entail the dog will be health tested and titled in conformation.