About Us

This endeavor into breeding and showing Collies began in 1998 after attending the CCA National Specialty in Virginia Beach and viewing many great dogs of the time. Most of the dogs in attendance that drew personal attention were descendants of CH Pinewynd’s Sparkling Brut ROM Andre“; Through this experience grew an admiration for Andre and his ability to consistently stamp certain virtues on his get.

Thus ensued the inspiration to start a program from dogs and lines that produced personally valued virtues. Our kennel is primarily developed from the lines of Deep River, Bo-Dandy, Lochwynde, and Tartanside. We hope that our line is now becoming recognizable for the traits we wish to consistently offer.

Ceilidh’s very successful bred-by dog, GCHP Ceilidh’s Deep River Haute Couture, ROMChanel” is the foundation of our breeding and vision. The kennel would not be in such a promising place without our beloved Chanel.

Ceilidh Collies is a family affair; Three generations of our family are involved in caring for our dogs and giving input on important decisions affecting the future generations of our emerging line of dogs.

These two important dogs are the basis of Ceilidh Collies and we are very thankful for the merits they graced us with to build upon.

Ceilidh’s Earl of LocksleyRobin” is another bred-by dog that significantly influences the concept of our line. Robin possessed attributes that we find very desirable and has passed them on consistently.